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Event Consulting 

Producing an event can be stressful due to the significance and expense of making it successful. Whether you are already in the planning stages or you are starting from the ground floor, we can help ensure you’re doing all you can to have the best event. Our team will consult with you to review your current plan or help you create a new plan.

We will help you to determine the purpose,  goals, and determine how the success of your event is measured. Our goal is to make sure you get top quality event production, service, and labor to meet your budget. We have the ability to review and negotiate contracts with your current vendors. 

Our consulting service can include an onsite review of the day of show operations to provide feedback for future events. 

Event Management 

There are tremendous amounts of moving parts that go into an event. Having to juggle catering, production, decor, talent, registration, and the various other vendors can be daunting. We have the knowledge and experience to assist in orchestrating your event so you can focus on providing the best experience for your guests. 

We have experience with many types of events, as well as the vendor and vendor relationships to make your event a success. We take price in providing quality production and talent when required. 

Our ultimate goal is to make you look good and your event to be a memorable success. 

Event Marketing

Events must be memorable to make an impact.


Often just planning an event is not enough. Events have the power to create a powerful impression of your company. Your brand is important whether your a budding artist or a fortune 500 company. 


When you take full advantage of an event by allowing people to experience and interact with your company, product, or service you create those impressions and gain potential customers. 

We want to bring your event to life to focus on you, your brand, and or the product or service you are highlighting. 

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